cristy & jay | engagement

Wide open waters, sunsets, and yachts play a huge part in this couples love story. So you can imagine how excited I was after pulling on all the locked gates at Sanford Harbor then hearing a voice in the distance asking if we were shooting engagement pictures? Replying yes our new best friend waved her arm and yelled “come on board.” As I skipped to the gate, lol I was super excited :D.

Cristy and Jay met and work on Yachts, love boats,  any body of water, and the Red Sox!  So, in my books this session was a dream come true.  Being the romantic that Jay is he kept a very sweet and personal proposal. Simply just asking Cristy to close her eyes while sitting on their home couch and quietly getting on a knee. Jay then told Cristy to open her eyes and had the most beautiful ring she had ever seen and asked her to marry him! Now, with less then a month away they will be become Mr. and Mrs. Sieffert and I will be behind the camera to capture this beautiful day.

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