lisa and will | engagement

If anyone out there has the pleasure of already knowing this fun couple you definitely won the cool friends lottery. Lisa and Will have had nothing but FUN since the first time they met in Philly at a BBQ Will had with his roommate. I loved hearing both sides of their love story and even teared up when it came time for the proposal which Will knocked out of the park. Not only did he make it a family affair he proposed on Christmas morning with a custom picture frame that said, Lisa will you MERRY me? When I was younger I was always told if a guy could make you laugh and smile then he is a keeper. These two have not stopped smiling and giggling since they met and I was able to witness this during their entire engagement session in Celebration (still feel like we should have made the day trip to Philly) lol. I am excited to be behind the camera on their big day early of 2016 where everyone will dance too much, drink just enough, and be merry! 😉

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