naumovitz | wedding

The newlyweds Mr.  and Mrs. Naumovitz  have definitely lived up to Marks saying “Go big or go home.”  It all started when he  proposed to his beautiful bride to be at a Mets game while close friends watched from the skybox.  Mark took Katie to the field to play a trivia game during the 5th inning. Much to Katie’s surprise Mark got the answer right, and the announcer said “that’s correct! Look and see what you won!” The Jumbo-Tron started playing a video montage that Mark put together of their recent trip to North Carolina and Pennsylvania. When the video ended it said “turn around for more details”.  Mark was on one knee with the microphone, as he gave a beautiful speech that ended with “will you marry me?”

Fast forward to a beautiful sunny day by the water where Katie and Mark stood in front of God and all their family and friends to exchange beautiful vows ending in the longest ceremony kiss I have had the honor of witnessing. Looking back at the Naumovitz wedding day I still feel the sun on my back and wind in my hair. I have loved getting to know these two, and watch their love story continually grow. It is going to be a beautiful life and It has been more than a pleasure capturing all the love they have for each other. 
Their beautiful engagement session.


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